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Fiche descriptive du serveur Dofus [DOFUS SAVOIR] PVP 1.29 - JP GRATUIT/KOLI/STUFF RAPIDE

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[Savoir PvP is a 1.29 dofus server, imagined and developed by PvP lovers, who know the game inside out.
Our goal is to achieve a quality game comparable to the official 1.29 with a constant development! 100% stable and available to everyone without any crash!
[] The store and services are available in the game through a graphical interface next to the alignment logo, Store .Shop!
[] Everything is ABSOLUTELY FREE! (Except Skins and Mimobionts! It worth Ogrines that you get in votes from our page every 1 hour and also pvp give ogrines by changing chapauvepe!
[] List of commands (.commands)
[] Exo with .exo command available for free!
[] 11 different maps for Kolizeum!
[] Possibility to transfer stats from a DD to a Pet!
[] Possibility to have a custom title + a title won in the event (Double title)!
[] Mimobionts and Quick Sets in the graphical interface!
[] Change of class, colors, gender and name in the GUI!
[] Dofus 1.29 remastered HD + 60 FPS.
[A Koliseo every 2 minutes in 2vs2,3vs3,1vs1 and in GUI!
[] The option to scroll your character as you want through the scrolls in the Kamas store!
[] A quite respectful and nice administrators.
[] Stability on the server we control edited characters we don't accept cheating on our server.
[] We will have pvp prestige when you climb each prestige your character will show the level of pvp prestige by which you will indicate how many times you've gone up grade.
[Stable server without lag (20ms of fiber ping).
[] Exclusive chameleon items.
[] Specially available skins in the store and other exclusives that can be won in the Special Events.
[] A PvP ranking and Kolizeo!
[] Many events made with love!
[] An exclusive formula of Honor gain and Honor loss through balanced pvp to make it not so hard and not so easy to live an experience similar to the original to raise your pvp rank!
[] pvp fights and an AI close to official Retro
[] Mimobionts to win in our Koliseo and events!
Download and join!
Official Website: http://savoir.mservers.ovh

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