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Fiche descriptive du serveur Dofus Dofous [ 1.36] [Semi-like] [ENGLISH] [Brand new!]

Dofous [ 1.36] [Semi-like] [ENGLISH] [Brand new!]
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Dofous [ 1.36] [Semi-like] [ENGLISH] [Brand new!]

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À propos du serveur

Dofous is a semi-like 1.36 server, Our goal is to obtain a level of debug comparable to the official one.

- Semi-like 1
- XP: [1 to 59: x4]-[60 to 114: x3]-[115 to 189: x2]-[190 to 200: x1] - [200 to 210: x0.5] // DROP: [x2] // PROFESSION: [x4] // KAMAS: [x2]
- Exo Pa/Pm on the same item
- chance of success of an exo 1/4 Vip 1/10 non-Vip
- about 90% translated into english.( we strive to get this to 100%! )
- Droppable stuff from level 1 to level 120.
- Stuff from level 120 to level 200 available in craft. (except soft oak etc. )

That is why you will find here:

- All classes debug: IA summons and Dopple Summoning Spells functional and similar to (official 1.29)
- Official Dungeon Boss Strats! (Kralamoure, Kimbo, Ougah, Rasboul etc!)
- Functional breeding (Droppable DD at low rate except crosses), Timing of breeding divided by 2
- Class item
- 100% debug spirit gems
- Better AI of monsters and summons seen on an SP (decisions, human behavior).
- A master mode that brings the group together, autojoin
- .pass (Yes, we're thinking of farmers!)
- A Prism and area capture system.
- You can start a fight against a dopple every 4 hours
- The keyring is renewed every 4 days!
- HD Remastered Version
- Reworked AI (smarter and faster)
- Stable and sustainable economy (building up as we are new.)
- Quick equipment
- Achievements and rewards associated with different levels
- Drop of items and resources suitable for a semi-like
- Lair of the Giant Kralove accessible via relic
- Generalized HDV
- Professions
- Batch crafting (considerable time saving)
- Ergonomic backup system for your accounts
- Only one window
- A functional smithmagic
- THL song system readapted for 1.36
- Frigostia added ( Frigost?!? )
- Syringes added ( Want living chest spell on an cra? Thats possible now! )

We hope you join! As we are the most english developed server out there! see you soon?

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