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Fiche descriptive du serveur DayZ Z RUNNERS | The Island Melkart |1PP|TRADERS|CARS|GUNS|CRAFT+|

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Z RUNNERS a community server growing everyday, focused on crafting from the environment in order to live an immersive and realistic survival experience at Melkart

We have a list of 12 different mods, all mods were tested to assure the smoothest experience and they either offer content or game props to improve the gameplay overall

The Mods
Real economy with Traders that only sell what has been sold by others players
Fine selection of high quality modded vehicles
Build Doors, Gates, Barricades, Walls, Storage Containers
Attach a Code Lock to secure your Custom Base, House or Cabin (Hacking RAID)
Good variety and balance of new Clothes, Military Gear, Weapons and attachments
More than 100 New Recipes
Ear Plugs, Autorun and Compass
Server Panel to check Recipes and Player info

Server Features
First Person Only
No Crosshair, No Map and No Party
Balanced loot
Reworked Stamina, Energy and Tiredness
Custom Weather with Dark Nights
Server Restart every 4 hours (3 cycles of 1 hour day time and 20 min night time)

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