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Nostalgeek-Aion 3.9
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Nostalgeek-Aion 3.9

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À propos du serveur

Nostalgeek-aion is a private aion server with 97% functional stuff.
with a single launcher and only one account you have access to 2 servers:
ARBOLU server with spleens identical to the official to dream an adventure as at the time
SPARTACUS Server full PvP start level 60 with a stuff PvP, Arenes, Battlegrounds, Custom, command players ....

Our goal is to satisfy everyone, so we have put the game available in 10 languages so that everyone can play the game optimally.

No matter your choice PvE, twinks, PvP, RP everyone will find his pleasure to play at Nostalgeek aion on a server based in France for optimal connection from all over Europe.

Our servers are debugged in a deliberate and active way thanks to our team of developers.
An active GM teams present in the game as often as possible to help players.
A forum and a discord to stay in touch with the administration team.
Animators in play for regularly performing events in the evenings.
1 launcher - access to 2 servers with only one account to be able to change as you please.
All available instances
Many functional quetes (over 90%)
All functional skills for optimal gaming comfort
An anti-cheat system to avoid any means of cheating and keep a balanced game
A team listens to the players who will take your requests into account.


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