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AION PROJECT 5.8 PvP with Pve !


- Starter pack prime level 75 set with weapon and accessories, with archdaeva manastones +10 and titles/mounts with scrolls and potions
- PvP 1 vs 1
- PvP 2 vs 2
- PvP 3 vs 3
- PvP 4 vs 4
- PvP 6 vs 6
- PvPvE Mix 3
- PvP Mix 3
- PvP Mix 6
- PvP All Enemy
- King of The Hill 2v2v2
- King of the Hill 2v2v2v2
- King of the Hill
- Capture Beluslan
- Capture Heiron
- Levinshor Battlefield
- Attack Leader: Elyos
- Attack Leader: Asmo
- Survival 1v1
- Capture the flag 4v4
- Battle of the Gods
- FFA Legion
- Stable Geodata (no lag, ping spikes)
- Mount Race event
- Working skill skin
- Retail drop system
- All avatar transformations working
- All skills and instances working
- Housing
- Katalam and Danaria map implemented
- Custom Godstone proc rate
- Custom enchant rate for accessories and armor
- FFA Solo Player
- Open World PvP Map Higher GP (Changed Every day)
- GP and Tolls from PvP
- [RvR] Agentfight Battle (Need at least 25 elyos and 25 asmo Online)
- FFA command .ffa enter
- GM events and rewards
- Lots of PvE content
- No cooldown on instances (PvE as much as you want)
- Free legion level ups (only need 1 member in your legion to level up)
- Webshop
- Ban Ticket System
- Voting reward system
- Donate system
- Arena of Discipline, Chaos, Harmony, Glory
- Seasonal agrints
- Friendly community and supportive staff
- Channels, instances and crafting support
- And so much more!

- Working Skill Officially Like
- Balance Stat/No Stat Editing
- Stigma System- Premium / VIP Account Services Officially
- Active Siege Battle
- Landing Battle- Stonespear Legion Siege
- Arena Battle- Crucible Battle
- Dredgion Battleship
- Agentfight Battle
- Open Abyssal World Boss- Luna Shop
- Luna Quest
- Shugo Game
- Stigma Charger
- Skill Enchant System
- Essence System
- Archdaeva Skill
- Archdaeva Tr...

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    tres bon serveur j'ai eu la chance de le tester en beta car le serveur n'est pas encore ouvert. Rien a vois avec l'officiel ici tout est plaisant on loot, on peu se stuff facilement, bc de rappel de la 5.8 comme les transfos élémentaires, la map de l'oeil, les fusions d'arme a double stats ... Je recommande vraiment a tout ceux qui ne veulent plus jouer a l'officiel, a mon avis ce serveur sera peuplé tres rapidement car vraiment agréable a jouer. Staff présent en jeu et de tres bon event a venir !

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