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À propos du serveur

A "casually serious" roleplay experience made by serious roleplayers. With over three years of experience roleplaying, managing, and developing unique roleplay experiences for thousands of players, we're putting a fresh spin on GTA 5 roleplay experience that doesn't empower police, gangs, or power-tripping admins!

Our goal is to provide a stable and clean experience where players can focus on roleplay and gameplay in a balanced and in-depth economy.

Rather than punishing players with tedious grinding or wild pay-to-win systems, our city focuses on incentivizing fun and roleplay.

We're currently building up the server, but you can expect and experience:

- Passionate admin and dev team pushing immersion and roleplay

- In-depth police and DoJ system

- EMS System

- Deep evidence system

- Realistic weapons, gunplay, and weapon balance

- Balanced vehicle speeds and handling

- John Wick-inspired underworld Roleplay

- Player-owned businesses

- Player-run economy

We're currently in the process of hiring new EMS, LSPD, and more!

Our team is focused on building an economy free from pay-to-win, biased admins and with a strict policy against hackers and cheaters.

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