Add a server

Rules and Regulations of game servers and user behavior



Registering a private server whose game is not offered on the top is forbidden.
Adding a website that is not linked to a private server is prohibited.
Registering a server that does not belong to you is forbidden.
The thumbnail, text and description should not be offensive.


A user can vote for the same server every 1 hour and a half.
Voting must be done by a human.
It is forbidden to use any software (Proxy, VPN...) to accumulate votes.
Forcing a user to vote to acces a page on your website is prohibited.
Viewing the voting page in an iframe is not allowed.


A comment must result from a real user experience.
Insults and advertising are prohibited.
Posting an inappropriate comment to degrade a server is forbidden.
Creating fakes profiles to post comments is prohibited.
Forcing your users to post commments is not allowed.


Only one account per user is allowed.
The nickname and the profile picture must not be offensive.
The email address must be valid and not disposable.


Failure to comply with these rules results in the immediate deletion of the account and related servers.