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What is web scraping ?

How to scrap the web easily ?

In a nutshell, a technique of retrieving a large amount of information and data from a website is known as web scraping. It is also termed web data scraping, online data extraction, web harvesting etc. Data scraping uses human web surfing to extract millions of data points from the internet’s seemingly endless frontier. The specific data is collected and then exported into a format like a spreadsheet or an API. This information is later used for online promotional purposes etc. With the overwhelming information accessible online, web scraping has become the necessary approach to aggregate big data sets.

Why and when a business needs web scraping?

Web or data scraping has a profound influence on every business. Real businesses are using scrapy data to fulfil their strategic goals. Some points are mentioned below to enlighten the business knowledge of yours-

1. Monitoring MAP compliance and consumer sentiment
As an owner, it is your responsibility to keep a check on distributers as to whether they comply with the minimal cost or not. However, it is not possible to visit and check every website for the same. Data scraping comes to your rescue here.  It is essential to analyse consumer feedback of different business and it is not feasible in a manual way. Therefore, data scraping is leveraged to make it stunningly simple. With this, you will get all the required items on a spreadsheet.

2. Brand monitoring
In this era of e-commerce, a single bad incident can shut down a business. It doesn’t matter if you are an MNC or a pet food seller. One wrong tweet, by a well-known person and you are finished. Therefore, you have to be sure and confident about what the public thinks about your company, services etc. It is more essential than marketing. Find your weak spots from any e-commerce portal that sells your items. Moreover, you can scrape media websites to know if your company got featured in any article. By harnessing web scraping, you can maintain a good public perception.

3. Strategy development
You will require hard facts for developing a strategy. Data scraping will conduct one-time extraction that is helpful for an initial analysis and to monitor the strategy afterwards. Moreover, to capture the latest trends of online business, you can develop a crawler that checks news relevant to your organisation.

4. Data augmentation
If you have a huge set of information but some items are missing, instead of declaring whole information invalid, you can call a service provider to assist you in completing your information bank using some prodigious data scraping. This seems small but it can make a huge difference.  While struggling to get some particular set of items, where you can know the value of specific columns and other remains hidden or blank, data scraping is a game-changer. You can fulfil all your required parameters with this technique.

5. Searching for job candidates
There are two primary commodities for a recruiter. These being new designations to be filled, and aspirants to fill them. To extract information from online career-oriented sites, an organisation can use web scarping. In this way, you can find the right candidates for job vacancies. This is time-saving and superior then searching manually for aspirants. Furthermore, it is a proactive technique than to wait for appropriate candidates.

6. Detect fraudulent reviews
To fulfil different requirements we all read online opinions. Therefore, it is essential to figure out the opinion spamming also known as shilling (illegal activities such as fake reviews on the online portal). Such intolerable activities mislead innocent readers. In this case, web scrapping will be helpful. It will detect and determine which one to block, streamline the experience or to be verified.

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