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Lineage 2

Are you looking for a Lineage 2 private server ? Here is the list of the best private server. They are ranked according to the number of votes received by the players. Find a Lineage 2 server to play alone or with your friends. Lineage 2 private server High rate, PVP, PVE, Global GK, Custom weapon and many more are to discover on our ranking.
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Ranking of the best servers Lineage 2

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    EGN Lineage II

    L2OFF Platform: Gracia Epilogue Play an original version of Lineage 2 with added enhancements now. Features: - Free to play - *No Donations!* - Botting Allowed - Click Here to download free cracked L2Adrenaline. - Unlimited game accounts - Permanent lvl 4 vitality - 25x EXP/SP/Drops/Seal Stones - 20x Adena - 15x Spoil - 10x Quest Exp/SP/Drop Rate - 2x Boss - New characters start with buff scrolls and permanent 30% exp rune. - Auto Learn Class Skills (Excluding Forgotten Scrolls). - Auto...

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