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What is ? is a ranking that lists private video game servers. It is used by creators to advertise their server and players to find a game server.

How do the votes work ?

Private servers are listed in a descending order according to a/the voting system. Creators invite players to vote on the leaderboard and give rewards in exchange. A user can vote for the same server once in every 1h30.

Can I add different servers ?

You can add as many servers as you want. Once you are registered, you can click on "Add a server" from your user profile.

How are the clicks counted ?

When a user coming from our rankings visits your website, the outgoing click counter will increment by 1. A click per user is counted only once for a period of twenty-four hours.

When are the votes reset ?

The outgoing votes and clicks of our rankings are reset at the beginning of each month.

An anti proxy message appears ?

If a message informs you that you cannot vote from a proxy or VPN, you are trying to vote from a network that is not private. If you consider this as a mistake, do not hesitate to contact us.

How to vote for a server ?

From the home page, select the game you want to browse the servers. Then click on the server that interests you to see it's description. Now click on the "Vote" button next to the number of votes of the server.

What is API ?

A PHP API is available to creators allowing them to verify and validate that a user has voted for their server. Simple to use, you can incorporate it to your website in a few minutes/ you can position/place it in your website in a few minutes.

Do your APIs support IPV6?

Our API (BRUT) or (JSON) only support the IPV4 for security reasons. In fact, if you call our APIs by returning the IPV6 of the user while we registered his IPV4 during his vote, the APIs will tell you that he did not vote.

How to remove a server from the ranking ?

If you are about to close your server and want to remove it from our lists, just contact us. Your server will be disabled within 24 business hours. You can also wait until the end of the month when the ranking will be reset. If your server has no votes, it will no longer be displayed in the lists.

Do you fight against fraud ?

We fight against all the techniques that allow to vote fraudulently. All the necessary means are put in place to fight against the softwares (Proxy, VPN etc.) that can artificially increase the votes of a private server.

Other requests

Do not hesitate to contact our teams from the contact page.