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Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a ranking that lists private video game servers. If you have created a server, you can add it for free on our rankings to acquire more players. If you are a player, you can freely browse our lists to find a private server to play in. The servers are sorted with tags that refine your search and help you find a server that meets your expectations and requirements.

How do votes work?

Private servers are ranked in a descending order according to a voting system. You have to invite your community to vote for your server on the ranking in order to gain visibility. A user can vote every hour and a half (1h30m) by completing a captcha and then clicking on a confirmation button to validate his vote. The more votes your server accumulates, the more it rises in the ranking and gains visibility for our thousands of daily visitors.

Can I add multiple servers?

You can add as many servers as you want by using only one account. Once you are logged in to your account, click on "Add a server" and fill out the needed information.

How are the clicks counted?

When a user from our rankings visits your website, copies the login IP address or clicks on your Discord, the outgoing click counter is incremented by 1. A unique click counts for twenty-four hours per user. is committed to providing accurate and authentic statistics.

When are the votes reset?

When each month starts, our rankings (of all games/categories) are reset, the votes and clicks of all private servers are reset, allowing new servers to try their luck and position at the top of the ranking.

What if an anti-proxy message appears?

If a message informs you that you cannot vote from a proxy or VPN, it means that you are trying to vote from a network that is not private or is considered as a threat to our system. In order to maintain a trustworthy ranking system free from frauds and deceptions, we block certain accesses to avoid any artificial votes. If you think that something might be causing trouble, do not hesitate to contact us and address the issue.

How can I vote for a server?

From the Home page, select the game that interests you and click on the "Vote" button at the bottom right corner of each server.

What is an API?

A PHP API is offered to server builders to check and validate a user's vote. It is useful but also necessary for servers who want to reward the players for their vote. The API can be installed on your website in a few minutes.

How to remove a server from the ranking?

If you are about to close your server and wish to remove it from our lists, simply contact us. Your server will be disabled within 24 business hours. You can also wait until the end of the month when the ranking is reset. If your server does not accumulate any votes, it will no longer be displayed in the lists.

Do you fight against fraud?

Preventing fraud is our number one priority. aims to maintain an honest and authentic ranking. Manual checks are carried out, the robustness of our captchas is tested, the traffic is filtered out by blocking any abnormal behavior. We make sure that no fraud has taken place and that faulty servers are immediately deleted and permanently banned.

Do your APIs support IPV6?

Our APIs only support IPV4 for security reasons. If you call our APIs by returning the IPV6 of the user while we have registered his IPV4 during his vote, the APIs will tell you that it has not voted. To check if your website supports IPV6, go to

Other requests

Do not hesitate to contact our team from the contact page or by Discord.