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Put your private server in first place on the ranking for a fixed period. You will benefit from high visibility and will appear first on all pages and tags of your game category. Quickly acquire new players and significally increase your popularity.



Distinguish your server from others on the ranking. Subscribe for Premium and your server will be displayed with a colored eye-catching background. Internet users browsing our rankings click on average twice as much on Premium servers. Improve your visibility and increase your conversion rate.


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Our advertising offers are separate from each other, meaning you can take advantage of both simultaneously. If you list your private server as Advertisement you can also subscribe to become Premium. You will stand out from the others with your competitive position and leadership.

Two servers from the same category can be placed simultaneously for Advertisement. They stand side by side on the same line provided that there are two advertisers active. If you are the only active advertiser, your server will occupy both slots.

Serveur prive holds the right to modify the Advertisement at any time without a notice or consent. We cannot guarantee you results in terms of number of views, clicks or any other performance metrics. Given the nature of the services provided, orders placed by the member do not have the right of withdrawal.