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Who we are, what we do and what we offer.

About us

A service created by a bunch of geek enthusiasts was created by a group of friends in a garage setting. We are passionate gamers who have spent countless of hours playing games on private servers. We understand the creators\’ expectations and we are able to meet the players’ demand. And this is how was born, an authentic ranking with innovative features offering the best of french and international game servers.

A powerful ranking system

We classify private servers according to a voting system. The creators ask their players to vote for them on our rankings. The more votes a server accumulates, the more it progresses on our lists and gains visibility. We have a very powerful anti-fraud system that counts only real votes as it blocks proxy, VPN and other similar softwares. We keep our ranking authentic and reliable by manually controlling and monitoring all registered servers.

Innovative features stands out from his competitors with its various functionalities. Our website is responsive while adapting to all types of devices and offers a minimalist interface with only the necessary information displayed. The wesbite's speed performance is far above the average due to the optimized and up-to-date code. Furthermore, by easily integrating our APIs, you are able to control the votes of your players. We offer rankings in different languages and enable servers to add tags with which players can more easily assocciate and find them.

A simple advertising system

It is not possible to buy votes or to be favored against a payment. We offer only two types of ad formats. We can display your server above the others on the ranking with the mention "Advertisement" or we can highligh your server with a coloured eye-catching background if you pay to be "Premium". No corruption is possible so that every server can take advantage of being advertised for a reasonable cost. Our prices are lower compared to those of our competitors. Our main focus is to maintain a trustworthy and reliable ranking where all servers have equal rights, big and small.

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You can register your server now for free and list it on our rankings. We give creators the opportunity to promote their servers for free and gain more site visitors and players. From the contact page, you can contact our support team to answer all your questions and requests.